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if [[ "${#@}" -lt 1 ]]; then
echo "Nirum in Docker"
echo "This image aims you to give a try easily Nirum without any" \
"installation on your system. However, if you consider using" \
"seriously Nirum we recommend you to install Nirum on your system" \
'because using Nirum CLI ("nirum") through "docker run" command is not' \
"that convenient. There are several ways to install Nirum including" \
"statically linked binaries."
echo "Due to the nature of Docker, you need to mount a volume to give" \
"the input source files and find the output object files. " \
'It could be done using -v/--volume option of "docker run" command. ' \
"For example:"
echo ' $ mkdir -p src build'
# shellcheck disable=SC2016
echo ' $ docker run --volume `pwd`/src:/tmp/src '\\
# shellcheck disable=SC2016
echo ' --volume `pwd`/build:/tmp/build '\\
echo ' --rm -it '\\
echo ' nirumlang/nirum '\\
echo ' -o /tmp/build /tmp/src'
"$CMD" "${@}"