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Issues: nirum-lang/nirum

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Issues list

Docs mobile view cat:docs target:docs typ:bug
#323 opened Aug 18, 2018 by dahlia
Constraints for text unboxed type cat:lang cmp:compiler dfct:easy
#307 opened Aug 15, 2018 by kanghyojun
Add mypy check in test cat:test cmp:tool dfct:easy target:python typ:enhance
#299 opened Aug 15, 2018 by qria
@spoqa → @nirum-lang: Update links and reconnect services cat:dist cat:docs typ:bug
#295 opened Aug 14, 2018 by dahlia
3 of 5 tasks
Add _method into a request payload on HTTP transport cmp:transport typ:discuss
#285 opened Jun 9, 2018 by dahlia
Nicer error messages cmp:frontend typ:enhance
#276 opened May 19, 2018 by dahlia
Annotation metadata on generated Python code cmp:compiler dfct:easy target:python typ:enhance
#273 opened May 16, 2018 by dahlia
Merge the stub of TypeScript target
#268 opened May 12, 2018 by Kroisse
Adopt external tagging to serialized union values cat:lang cmp:compiler dfct:easy
#266 opened May 11, 2018 by kanghyojun
Make a HTTP request with exponential backoff and jitter cmp:transport target:python typ:discuss typ:enhance
#264 opened May 9, 2018 by kanghyojun
Manual docs for basic syntax cat:docs typ:enhance
#263 opened May 9, 2018 by dahlia Version 0.5.0
Behind names for types make no sense cat:lang cmp:compiler cmp:frontend typ:bug
#260 opened Apr 19, 2018 by dahlia
Platform-specific packaging cat:dist help wanted typ:enhance
#246 opened Mar 11, 2018 by dahlia
2 tasks
Field to specify minimum version of the Nirum compiler cat:lang cmp:compiler cmp:frontend typ:enhance
#237 opened Feb 20, 2018 by dahlia
Add Nirum IR target cat:lang cmp:compiler dfct:hard help wanted target typ:enhance typ:refactor
#207 opened Jan 4, 2018 by disjukr
Constraints for numeric unboxed types cat:lang cmp:compiler target:python typ:enhance
#206 opened Jan 4, 2018 by dahlia
2 of 4 tasks
Version 0.5.0
Option to compile union types to typing.Union instead of subclasses cmp:compiler dfct:hard target:python typ:enhance
#186 opened Oct 24, 2017 by dahlia
Adopt capability-based security into Nirum services cmp:compiler cmp:runtime cmp:transport dfct:hard typ:enhance
#181 opened Aug 30, 2017 by dahlia
Make annotations richer cat:lang cmp:compiler typ:enhance
#178 opened Aug 26, 2017 by dahlia
4 of 8 tasks
Version 0.5.0
Logging facility cmp:runtime dfct:easy typ:enhance
#173 opened Aug 18, 2017 by kanghyojun
Add async service to python on Nirum compiler cmp:compiler typ:enhance
#162 opened Aug 14, 2017 by kanghyojun
Emacs syntax highlighter cmp:tool dfct:easy help wanted
#157 opened Jul 31, 2017 by dahlia
Quickstart command cat:packaging cmp:frontend typ:enhance
#135 opened Apr 13, 2017 by dahlia
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