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Nirvana.FM Client

Third-party to build under Windows:

  1. Qt (Open Source free version) install lastest version for Windows with GCC and MinGW.
  2. MinGW or two programs "cp.exe" (for copy files) and "zip.exe" (for pack files) from MinGW MSYS project
  3. OpenSSL library
  4. Perl
  5. UPX
  6. CURL

Third-party to build under Linux:

  1. Qt (Open Source free version) install lastest version for Linux.
  2. apt-get install libssl-dev curl perl upx-ucl

Third-party to cross-build under Linux for Windows:

  1. Add MXE repository to you APT. see section "Debian packages".
  2. apt-get update
  3. apt-get install mxe-i686-w64-mingw32.shared-qt*

Abbreviations used later:

  • {$platform} - "win32" or "linux64", or maybe other value

Build libraries

  1. QtWebKit download version for you platform and unpack to folder "3rd-party-libraries/qtwebkit/{$platform}".
  2. libminiupnpc download lastest version and unpack to folder "3rd-party-libraries/libminiupnpc/{$platform}"
  3. Run script 3rd-party-libraries/libminiupnpc/make.{$platform}
  4. Open file "client/" and check paths to this libraries.

How to build Nirvana.FM Client:

  1. Download sources "git clone"

  2. Open config file "perllib/nirvana_client/" in text editor and change all path's for you platform or you can make you own config for other platforms.

  3. Build libminiupnpc, run "client/libminiupnpc/make.win32.bat" or "client/libminiupnpc/make.linux64"

  4. Open project file "client/" and comment line "DEFINES += BUILD_NIRVANA_CLIENT_ID=1", it used only in official client.

  5. Open c++ config file "client/config.h" and change some defines, e.g. APPLICATION_NAME -> "Nirvana.FM Client (Custom build)", APPLICATION_DESCRIPTION -> "Client for social network Nirvana.FM. Custom build by {$your_nickname}." APPLICATION_MENU_FOLDER -> "Nirvana.FM Unofficial build"

  6. Open folder "build" and run scripts 1 - 3. build/1.qmake.client.{$platform} build/2.make.client.{$platform} build/3.deploy.client.{$platform}

  7. Create folder for Nirvana.FM Client and copy all files from folders ".build/{$platform}/client" and ".build/{$platform}/qt" to it.

  8. And that's all, run file "nirvana_fm_client" and enjoy :-)

  9. Scripts 4 - 8 used only for building official client. You do not need to build it.

Build Nirvana.FM Client for Android:

  1. Download and install Eclipse with Android SDK, Android NDK and plugins to develop and debug Android appications.
  2. Version for Android is placed in folder "android"