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= 1.4
=== 11th October, 2008
* Added load_from_amazon and load_from_amazon! methods to load up Amazon attributes into a local object directly (see the README for usage)
* Added new tests for the above functionality
* Changed the response group so that it is a passed-in option, with the default being 'Medium' rather than having it hardcoded.
= 1.3
=== 11th August, 2008
* (Thanks to David Eisinger for changes in this release)
* Test wasn't dropping magazines table, causing error when running tests multiple times
* Added access_key and associate_tag to movie and magazine in tests; not setting them was causing tests to fail without ENV variables
* Added a generator to create the amazon_products database migration
* Changed the Hpricot search method: If multiple values, returns them as a comma-separated string; Returns nil if no value found
* Got rid of the amazon_product#hdoc method, moved functionality in to #get
* Added method_missing to amazon_product to search XML based on method name
= 1.2
=== 24th April, 2008
* Accepts search_index parameter to work better with Magazines (patch from Parker Morse)
* Changed scm to Git and moved repository to
= 1.1
=== 3rd November, 2007
* Use defaults for access_key and associate_tag from the environment: AMAZON_ACCESS_KEY_ID, AMAZON_ASSOCIATE_TAG
* Added example.rb
= 1.0
=== 21st September, 2007
* Initial release as a gem
* Caches response from Amazon
* Some basic tests. Run "rake test"