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 # Title       : Apache Toolbox
 # File        : Apachetoolbox-install-1.5.xx.tar.gz
 # Author      : Bryan Andrews <>
 # Date        : 05 June 2003
 # Version     : 1.5.66
 # Description :
 #   Configures Apache with a variety of options.
 # Software distributed on an "AS IS" basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND,
 # either express or implied. This software is not affiliated with the
 # Apache Software Foundation (ASF).
 # Copyright (c)2002,2003 Bryan Andrews. All rights reserved.
 # Bryan Andrews
 # Thanks goes out to navi for helping alpha/beta test! And to Bishop also
 #  for answering some stupid questions and pointing me to mod_bandwidth and
 #  adding code to mod_auth_sys.c. Thanks to Mickey for pointing out the
 #  broken mod_layout function. Thanks to Brian Aker for the help with
 #  mod_layout and a lot more. Thanks to Eric Thelin for suggesting I
 #  should make the script remember the last settings, good idea! Thanks
 #  also to Nick Rosenberg for contributing --enable-exif to php and some
 #  bug fixes. Thanks to Ben for making the installwatch patch for redhat7.
 #  Thanks also goes out to Kevin for all the help and support in and outside
 #  of the support forum. Thanks to Bruno Kerouanton 
 #  <> for sending in patches!

-h or --help for command line options.

Run "./ --update" to automatically download and update to the latest
version of the Apachetoolbox. It's only a small (about 60k) download.

Run "./ --clean" to clean out the src/ directory.  This will force
ApacheToolbox to recompile everything, but not to download everything again.

After you've selected the mods you want and have a 'etc/config.cache' file,
you can re-run the same setup without any prompts by running 
'./ --fast' .

Solaris/BSD users, the script interpreter of is BASH (/bin/bash).
 Bash should be used, YMMV if you change it to /bin/sh.  The next major release
 (2.x) will be in perl.  If your willing to help port it please get a hold of me.

Frontpage 2002 Extentions require precompiled binaries.  So only linux, freebsd, 
solaris (sparc and x86) are supported.  The binaries are about 10megs compressed
and only the linux tarball will be added to the script+sources tarball. for support and updates.
email <> with patches and module submissions.

-- note about errors in httpd.conf after an upgrade... ---
When Apache is installed over an existing installation, your httpd.conf file
is /NOT/ overwritten.  This is working the way the Apache developers designed it.
If you removed/add modules you will probably 'break' your httpd.conf file and 
have to manually edit it.  Run 'apachectl configtest' to troubleshoot httpd.conf