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Generates an authentication system with Ben Johnsons awesome Authlogic plugin/gem as seen in his basic tutorial at:

Yeah I know it is Authlogics intention not to have a generator. But I personally like to have a scaffold as a starting point for any further customization wherever possible.

What this generator creates for you

  • UserSession / User model and corresponding controller

  • Login form, views for the user management

  • Some nice looking routes

  • Basic test coverage

  • Support for Haml view templates


$ script/plugin install git:// $ script/plugin install git://


  1. Run the generator

$ script/generate authlogic [–haml]

  1. Run the database migrations

$ rake db:migrate

  1. Have a look at the generated stuff…

Login is at: /login Login is at: /logout Signup is at: /signup Users account is at: /account


  • The plugin has been written for Rails 2.3

  • The generator will not run properly if you already have a user model

Copyright © 2009 Christian Felder (