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= Contributing to Libraries for Amazon Web Services (ruby-aws)
Gotten your hands dirty with ruby-aws and looking for more?
Found a bug that really needs scratching?
Added a new feature that others might find valuable?
We'd love to have you contribute to ruby-aws!
== The Story
Rather than lead out with a bunch of rules and process, we'll tell you a story
of how we expect things to work. If you like stories, continue reading. If
you'd rather just read the rules, feel free to skip to the next section.
First, the players:
[Allen] One of the Lead Developers on the ruby-aws project.
[Barry] A talented developer who has just discovered the ruby-aws project.
Barry is very impressed with ruby-aws and decides to use it to support a new
business endeavour he has dreamt up. He installs the gem and off he goes. 34
hours into designing his new application, Barry starts to see some odd
behavior and determines that it is a bug in ruby-aws ( the defrobulator isn't
catching all frobs ). Barry immediately files a bug on ruby-aws's bug
tracker. Being the enterprising developer that he is, Barry is confident that
he could fix the bug and mentions this in the bug report.
Allen reads the bug report, and since tuning the defrobulator involves some
complex debugging and Barry is very enthusiastic, Allen invites Barry to join
the ruby-aws team, mentioning that we're always happy to accept contributors.
After Barry has completed the onboarding process, he notes that the bug he
filed was labeled with id #213. He creates a branch in subversion for his bug fix:
svn cp svn+ssh:// \
Barry then proceeds to make his changes to this branch. First, he adds a
test_CatchTheLastFrob.rb unit test which will clearly show what is broken.
Barry then checks in this test. Over the next few hours, Barry iteratively
works on getting that test to pass, while not breaking any of the other
pre-existing tests. When he is finished, 17 revisions later, he updates the
ticket, adding a [CR] tag to the beginning of the Summary, changing priority
to 5 and unassigning himself.
When Allen sees the unassigned ticket with a CodeReview tag, he sets aside the
new feature work he was working on, assigns himself the CodeReview ticket, and
checks out a fresh copy of Trunk. He then merges in Barry's branch.
svn merge svn+ssh:// -r 22:39
After verifying that it merged cleanly, Allen kicks off all the tests. Once
the tests all pass, Allen carefully reviews the diff and notices some places
where the code misses an edge case, as well as the absence of a few critical
tests. Allen re-assigns the ticket to Barry with his comments.
After Barry makes the requested revisions, he again unassigns himself from the
ticket and Allen, after completing the code review process a second time,
decides that the code is clean and well written, and has a sufficient level of
testing. Allen then commits the change to Trunk.
When the next version of ruby-aws is released, Barry is excited to see his
bugfix has been incorporated.
== Development Process
Big Picture -- Branch-Based Development ( similar to {DivMod's UQDS}[])
Once you join the project as a developer, you will be given commit access to
branches. Please adhere to the following guidelines:
* All development should be done in branches.
* All development should be associated with a Bug or Feature Request in the
project's tracker.
* Branches and Tickets should have a One-to-One relationship.
* Suggested branch naming policy:
* Code changes ready to be merged should:
* Make sense
* Include relevant unit tests
* Include relevant documentation
* Update pre-existing documentation that was affected by the change
* Resolve the issue or add the feature in question
* Generate no merge conflicts when the svn merge command is run to test
merging of the branch into Trunk
* Pass all unit tests
* Include no unnecessary changes
* Attempt to maintain the general style of the codebase
== Merging to Trunk
* Only a Lead Developer will have permissions to merge a patch to trunk.
* Patches must be associated with a Bug or Feature Request in the project's
* Only one merge will be done per Bug or Feature Request, when the task is
complete and tests pass.
* When a developer feels their solution is complete, they should
* prepend a [CR] tag to the beginning of the ticket's Summary
* set the priority to 5, and
* unassign themselves from the ticket
* A Patch branch must merge cleanly into the current HEAD of Trunk. If it
does not, the ticket will be re-assigned to the original developer for
* After applying a patch, all tests must pass. No change should ever be
made to Trunk which results in test failures.
* The Lead Developer will review the code to ensure a high level of quality.
If they determine the code is not yet ready to be merged to mainline, they
will paste their comments into the ticket and reassign it to the original
* Once the branch has been successfully applied to mainline, the ticket will
be closed the the branch will be deleted.
== Onboarding Process
If you'd like to join the project, please send email to and we'll get you started.
== Legal Details
=== Ownership Authority ( copyright )
Copyright Holder:: Amazon Technologies, Inc.
This project's current policy requires it to maintain a single copyright
holder. All contributions to the project must be assigned to this copyright
holder. This decision was made primarily to simplify legal issues surrounding
licensing and to enable unhindered use for all developers wishing to utilize
this library to access Amazon Web Services.
=== Contributor Statement
People who contribute non-trivial patches or have been granted commit access
to the ruby-aws source repository agree to the following statement:
I, __(contributor's name)__ agree to the following statements concerning my
contributions to the "Libraries for Amazon Web Services" (ruby-aws) project:
* These contributions are my own work and that I have full ownership authority
over them.
* I am unaware of any patent or patent application that would prevent free use
of my contribution.
* I unconditionally assign my copyright for these contributions to
Amazon Technologies, Inc.
Full legal name and address:
(your name and address here)