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Libraries For Amazon Web Services (ruby-aws)
== Description
Libraries for Amazon Web Services (ruby-aws) is a set of libraries and tools
designed to make it easier for you to build solutions leveraging Amazon Web
Services like Amazon Mechanical Turk. The goals of the libraries are:
* To abstract you from the "muck" of using web services
* To simplify using the various Amazon Web Service APIs
* To allow you to focus more on solving the business problem
and less on managing technical details
== Usage
require 'ruby-aws'
@mturk =
puts "I have $#{@mturk.availableFunds} in Sandbox"
@mturk_prod = :Host => :Production
puts "I have $#{@mturk_prod.availableFunds} in Production"
For more in-depth example code, check out the samples folder included in this
== Prerequisites
To use the Libraries and successfully run the samples,
you must meet these prerequisites:
* You must have an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. You can sign up at
the {AWS web site}[].
* You must have an Amazon Mechanical Turk Requester account.
Be sure to use the same e-mail address and password you used when creating
your Amazon Web Services account.
You can sign up at the {Requester web site}[].
* You must have Ruby 1.8.3 or later. You can download Ruby at the following
web site:
* You must have RubyGems[] installed
and configured correctly for your Ruby installation. Review the installation
instructions here[].
(Note: If installing RubyGems for the first time, you may need to restart your console
to pick up environment changes. To execute code that is dependent on Ruby Gems, the
command to execute is: "ruby -rubygems program_that_uses_gems". The "-rubygems"
command line parameter should be a default parameter that is always included. To do this,
Ruby can utilize the "RUBYOPT" environment label that should be set to "RUBYOPT=-rubygems".
Please refer to documentation specific to your OS on defining environment labels.)
== Installation
1. Execute the following command:
gem install ruby-aws
(Note: Some Unix-based systems may require root access to install Ruby libraries. You
may need to execute the above command as the following:
sudo gem install ruby-aws
and enter in the password to successfully install the Gem)
2. Installation of the ruby-aws gem will prompt to install the following dependent gems
if not already installed:
* Hoe[]
* Highline[]
3. (Optional) Download and expand the corresponding tarball/zip file from the {project
homepage}[] to an installation directory. This will
provide you access to the source files, test files and sample code.
4. Configure the Libraries to use your Amazon Web Services authentication credentials by
executing the following command:
5. Verify your installation by running the automated tests by executing the following
command in the installation path:
rake test
== Running Sample Applications
1. Navigate to the samples\mturk directory of the installation path.
2. Run the various samples
== Comments, Questions or Feedback
If you have any comments, questions, or feedback concerning the Libraries for
Amazon Web Services, please visit our {Rubyforge project page}[].
If you have any comments, questions, or feedback concerning the Mechanical
Turk service in general, please visit the {Amazon Mechanical Turk discussion
== License
Copyright (c) 2007 Amazon Technologies, Inc.
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
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