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Client code for OpenTaba - details will arrive soon, but the code is pretty simple to understand.

If you came looking for the server side of opentaba It's here. ##Testing

see what's needed with testing.

##Production ###Architecture The production environment is made up of a github pages site and a reverse proxy redirecting connections from multiple subdomains to the site (as github pages don't support more than one domain/subdomain). All unique municipality settings are read from munis.js, and the gush map is loaded from the israel_gushim repository (unless overridden in munis.js) ###Maintenance Maintenance is done using fabric, by activating different tasks defined in (for a list of all tasks, run fab -l, and for details about a specific task run fab -d <task-name>) To execute a task, run: fab task-name:arg1,arg2... or fab task-name:arg1=val1,arg2=val2... Notice that the fab files only exist in opentaba-server to keep them together. For step-by-step instructions on how to add a new municipality, check out opentaba-server's Deployment Readme For information about the municipality index file's syntax, check out The Deployment Readme

The only client task is create_client (muni_name, display_name='') which adds all the necessary data to munis.js to create a "new site" for the municipality, or updates an existing one.

##Want to help?

look at the issues. Lots of work here