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An diagram labeling app. To help school students and teachers to deliver and gain knowledge in better, newer way!

I wrote it years ago. It was my first attempt with Node.js and appjs. So, the code might not be nice enough.


  • Add new diagram.
  • Edit diagrams.
  • Learn, Practice and Test modes.
  • Multiple language support, currently English and Gujarati.

How to setup

  • Clone the repository.
  • run npm install, it should install dependencies.
  • Make sure that you have Node.js v0.8. Otherwise somehow get it. (maybe use nvm or getting the binary for your OS and putting it in ./bin.)

How to run

  • Once installed, just run it by node --harmony app.js.
  • Replace node by the correct binary. (If you have binary in ./bin, run ./bin/node --harmony app.js)

See and to troubleshoot installation and startup.