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websockets framework toghter with cowboy as described in book
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Pronounced "Easy web frame."

Ezwebframe attempts to make web programming just a little bit easier.

Erlang thinks that the browser is an Erlang process. To get the browser to do something Erlang send a message containing a command to the browser.

A typical message might be:

Browser ! [{cmd,fill_div},{id,div1},{txt, Bin}]

Assuming the browser has a div with id = div1, then the div will be filled with some HTML contained in the binary Bin.

Likewise buttons and controls in the browser, when pressed, send messages to Erlang.

This system is built using websockets together with cowboy and is described in my book Programming Erlang (2'nd edition) (To be published in 2013).


This has only been tested in the chrome browser. Life is too short to test this in all known browsers.


This program uses rebar to fetch and install the necessary dependencies. First you need to install rebar. If you don't have rebar then you can install a pre-build binary from

To run the demos

   $ make
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