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-Extra math function for Erlang
+Extra math functions for Erlang
+This library contains the following functions:
+## Return a single value
+* average
+* sum
+* stdev_sample
+* stdev_population
+* skew
+* kurtosis
+* variance
+* covariance
+## Return a list of values
+* moving_average
+* correlation
+* correlation_matrix
+Most of these are well documented elsewhere except maybe the
+The correlation matrix will take in a list of numeric lists
+and correlate each list in the collection with all the other lists
+of the collection.
+The result will look like this:
+ {integer(),integer(),float()},
+ {integer(),integer(),float()},
+ {integer(),integer(),float()}]
+Where the first int is the index of a list in the collection and the
+second integer the index of the list it's being correlated to.
+The float is the correlation of the two.
+It will give you all possible combinations and their correlation.
+#To Do
+Add a sort function to return the correlation_matrix sorted desc/asc.
+Add more functions.
+Add unit tests.
+Add more documentation.

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