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-monterl_carlo websocket server
+monterl_carlo websocket server
+###Getting started
+clone git://
+./rebar get-deps
+./rebar clean compile generate
+./rel/monterl_carlo_websocket/bin/monterl_carlo_websocket console
+You now have websocket server running on localhost:8080
+A nice way of testing it is using the [Simple Websocket Client chrome extension](
+Just type in localhost:8080 and press connect.
+Then copy paste the api samples (one at a time) from below into the request box and hit send.
+{"type":"start", "symbol":"Y"}
+{"type":"subscribe", "symbol":"Y"}
+{"type":"stop", "symbol":"Y"}
+{"type":"graph", "symbol":"Y","graph_type":"statistics","points":5}
+Check out [monterl_carlo]( for more parameters to the start and graph methods.
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