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# live NodeList
NodeLists returned by node.childNodes and getElementsByXxx() apis are live which means changes to the DOM tree will be reflected in the NodeList when accessed.
In jsdom's implementation, a live NodeList is updated when item() or length is accessed but not when the [index] is accessed.
In a live NodeList iteration, you must carefully call list.update() (or just list.length) to trigger an update.
Beware that NodeList update is very expensive! When possible, prefer DOM transversal over getElementsByXxx();
If no changes will be made the the subtree, it is a good idea to iterate over an Array.
var arr = nodeList.toArray(); //toArray() is not in the standards
var arr =;
# nodeList._length
WRONG: In jsom the length getter property of a NodeList calls .update() which re-query against the DOM tree. In a read only loop, it is more efficient to access ._length instead of .length.
var nodes = ele.getElementsByTagName('div'), i, len;
for (i = 0, len = nodes._length; i < len, i++) {
//does not change the dom structure
childNodes._length may not be update to date!!!!!
# .textContent
readability.getInnerText is very frequently used function. My optimization for it reduced the total running time by half.
// hundredfold faster
// use native string.trim
// jsdom's implementation of textContent is innerHTML + strip tags + HTMLDecode
// here we replace it with an optimized tree walker
# cleanStyles
cleanStyles is recursive, it counts for most running time of prepArticle
# security
arbitrary js
# performance
grep TOTAL clean.log|cut -d ' ' -f5|sort -n
s = <<EOT
a = s.split("\n").map(&:to_f)
avg = a.reduce{|x,y| x+y} / a.size
def hist(array)
def avg(s, regex)
a = s.scan(regex)
a.reduce{|x,y| x+y}/a.size
# sum profiler output
s = <<EOT
19 Nov 12:56:08 - 0.233 seconds [killBreaks]
19 Nov 12:56:08 - 0.069 seconds [cleanConditionally]
19 Nov 12:56:09 - 0.071 seconds [clean]
19 Nov 12:56:09 - 0.074 seconds [clean]
19 Nov 12:56:09 - 0.068 seconds [clean]
19 Nov 12:56:09 - 0.139 seconds [cleanHeaders]
19 Nov 12:56:09 - 0.241 seconds [cleanConditionally]
19 Nov 12:56:09 - 0.088 seconds [cleanConditionally]
19 Nov 12:56:09 - 0.233 seconds [cleanConditionally]
19 Nov 12:56:10 - 0.507 seconds [prepArticle Remove extra paragraphs]
19 Nov 12:56:11 - 0.568 seconds [prepArticle innerHTML replacement]