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refuge - Data should be yours
Refuge main goal is to design an opensource, free, decentralized and
secured and eventually anonymous platform. This platform will allow to
share, render information and exchange messages offline or online.
Information is on each nodes.
- Apache CouchDB 1.1x based (current trunk right now)
- Geocouch integrated
- Fast json encoding/decoding using ejson module.
- Javascript engine is Spidermonkey 0.8.5
- No dependancies. Modules are statically linked against spidermonkey
and icu provided during installation.
- Fully opensource. All the sources are on refuge GIT repository
( under Apache License 2.
Supported platforms
- Linux 2.6x 32/64
- FreeBSD 8.2 i386/amd64
- MacOS X 10.6/10.7
Download binaries
Get binaries from
then do:
$ tar xvzf refuge-${VERSION}-$PLATFORM.tar.gz -C /
Install from source
- Erlang R14x
- Git
- Tested under Linux, FreeBSD, Macosx
- curl
Do install (by default on /opt/rcouch):
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install
To install in a different directory (e.g. to install in ~/foo):
$ DESTDIR=~/foo make install
To just run dev version:
$ make dev
More info on .