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-windowed streams in erlang
+windowed streams in erlang
+winderl is for managing windowed streams of data.
+It provides an API for adding data to the window and getting notifications
+when data expires from the window.
+It also provides calls to get the current window and the current external state.
+When starting the server you need to give it an update fun to execute on incoming data.
+You can optionally provide it with an expire fun to execute on all expired data.
+The server can also manage state given to you in the start but if you do so you must also
+provide update- and (optionally) expired funs that takes in two arguments to update the external state
+when data arrives or is expired.
+This could be useful for instance for running calculations of windowed data such as a 5 minute average for
+a stream of data etc.
+Start the server with a window length of one minute and print out data as it arrives and again when it expires.
+winderl:start_link({0,1,0}, fun(X) -> io:format("Data received: ~p~n",[X]) end, fun(X) -> io:format("Data expired: ~p~n",[X]) end, undefined).
+winderl:stream_update("First data inserted").
+Now you should see "Data received: First data inserted" printed on the console and
+"Data expired: First data inserted" a minute later.

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