Swanalekha transiliteration tool for Malayalam, packed as a jquery plugin
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Jquery plugin for Swanalekha

Include swanalekha script in you html. Thats all.
<script src="jquery-swanalekha.js" ></script>

You should have also included jquery as well. 



This will enable swnalekha on elements selected by the selector experssion.

For eg : $("#t_input").swanalekha() will enable swanalekha on the element with id 't_input'
Eg: $("textarea").swanalekha() will enable swanalekha on all textareas
Eg: $("input").swanaleka() will enable swanaleka on all inputs, but only text inputs will actually be enabled.

Swanalekha can be customised with following options :
showCheckBox : if true, a checkbox will be sown near the text elements.
outlineStyle : Style of the text element when its swanalekha enabled
checkBoxLabel : Label of the checkbox, is relevant only if you have showCheckBox=true.

You can use the options as follows

$("textarea").swanalekha({showCheckBox: true, outlineStyle:'dashed 1px green'});

See test.html for more examples