Command-line license generator. Supports all the licenses available on GitHub.

license wercker status


go get -u

Create licenses from the command-line.


Generate a license

To print a license to stdout, run license followed by the license name:

license mit

Save to file

Use the -o flag to save the license to a file:

license -o LICENSE.txt mit

Customize name and year

license -year=2013 -name=Alice isc

If unspecified, the current year is used.

To determine the name, license uses the following in order. Since you likely have your name set in .gitconfig, you can always omit the -name flags.

- command line flags: -name, -n
- environment variable: LICENSE_FULL_NAME
- gitconfig and hgconfig
- "os/user".Current()
- empty string


If you receive a 403 Forbidden: API rate limit exceeded while updating licenses, use your GitHub username and a personal access token (no scopes required).

license -auth username:e0a8a01b1f125a785ea3d7ada98eb6a018e2fe4f -update

(The token above will not work.)

More docs

Help is available by runnning license -help

View the list of available licenses by running license -list


Pull requests for new features, bug fixes, and suggestions are welcome!