BOTUX - Bayesian Operational Taxonomic Unit eXaminer
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Python version 2.7 (version 3.0 or greater may not work)
Python module HTSeq .. installation instructions:


usage: [-h] [-v] [-fasta <in.fasta>] [-fastq <read1.fastq>] [-2 <read2.fastq>] [-wl <8>] -project [-loadModel <inModel.pkl>] [-ptl <0.75>] [-t <0.75>]

BOTUX: Bayesian-like OTU eXaminer

Author: 	Vishal N Koparde, Ph. D.
Created:	130315
Modified:	130330

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit
-v, --version show program's version number and exit
-fasta <in.fasta> input fasta file
-fastq <read1.fastq> input fastq file(read1)
-2 <read2.fastq> input fastq file(read2)
-wl <8> word lenth (default 8)
-project project name .. prefix used to name output files
-loadModel <inModel.pkl> load OTU model from python pickle
-ptl <0.75> percentile trimming length
-t <0.75> threshold score .. advanced usage