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<title>Erasm++ - About</title>
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<h1>Erasm++ </h1>
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<a href="./manual.html">Online Manual</a>
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<h2 id="what-is-this">What is this?</h2>
<p>Erasm++ is a collection of C++ libraries for high-performance runtime code generation, instruction decoding, and metaprogramming. It consists of the following three components:</p>
<li>ERASM++,the Embedded Runtime Assembler in C++, a library for runtime code generation on x86/x64 architectures.</li>
<li>GenericDsm, a fast generic instruction decoder library which supports “pattern matching” against the decoded instructions.</li>
<li>MetaPrelude, a library for Haskell-like lazy (but untyped) metaprogramming.</li>