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<title>Erasm++ - gendsm</title>
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<h1 id="genericdsm">GenericDsm</h1>
<p>GenericDsm is a generic instruction decoder library for Intel 64/IA-32 architectures. Features include:</p>
<dd><p>Genericity allows specializing to user’s custom needs. In some cases, this leads to an instruction decoder which is more than an order of magnitude faster than non-generic instruction decoders written in C.</p>
<dt>Pattern-matching against instructions.</dt>
<dd><p>GenericDsm allows you to “match” against mnemonics and operand types with no runtime overhead, contributing to cleaner and more efficient code.</p>
<dt>No dependence on runtime systems.</dt>
<dd><p>Just like ERASM++, the main decoder functions of GenericDsm themselves do not depend on C/C++ runtime systems. They do not throw exceptions, reference vtables, or even allocate memory on the heap although users are free to do so.</p>
<dd><p>Since the decoder function itself only uses local stack-allocated variables, it is fully reentrant and thread-safe as long as the user-supplied actions are (assuming the decoded opcodes are constant, of course).</p>
<p>Here is a simple instruction counter on x86 processors which returns when RET or JMP instructions are encountered:</p>
<pre><code>#include &lt;erasm/dsm_x86_util.hpp&gt;
#include &lt;erasm/dsm_x86.hpp&gt;
#include &lt;iostream&gt;
using namespace std;
using namespace erasm::x86;
using namespace erasm::x86::addr32::data32;
struct MyCounter : public InstructionCounter
MyCounter(const_code_ptr start)
: InstructionCounter(start)
// Let the base class handle the default cases
using InstructionCounter::action;
action(const Ret&amp; insn)
return finish(insn);
template&lt;class Op&gt;
action(const Jmp&amp; insn,const Op&amp; op)
return finish(insn);
int main()
const_code_ptr p = (const_code_ptr) main;
MyCounter mydsm(p);
const_code_ptr end = decode(p,mydsm);
if (mydsm.failed()) {
cerr &lt;&lt; &quot;Disassembly failed at:&quot;
&lt;&lt; hex &lt;&lt; (void*)end &lt;&lt; endl;
return 1;
cout &lt;&lt; &quot;number of instructions = &quot;
&lt;&lt; mydsm.get_counter() &lt;&lt; endl;
return 0;