Introducing F# Functional Programming on ASP.Net Core through Giraffe

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Based on the F# Language, a micro web framework named Giraffe recently made its debut on ASP.Net Core. Though F# is already supported in ASP.Net Core, but the technology mainly emphasize on the functional programming style by leveraging features such as higher-order functions.

Designed to work with Microsoft’s ASP.Net Core web frameworks, the technology is used to build rich web applications that draws on advanced F# features. Thus, it can be described as a native functional framework. For those who don’t know, F# is an open source functional-first language created by Microsoft to address complex computing problems while producing simple, maintainable code.

F# Functional Programming

The company has recently published a detailed guide to help you use Giraffe to build a web service with F# and .Net Core Development. And since Giraffe is built on ASP.Net, professionals can be benefited to a great extent. Giraffe developer Dustin Moris Gorski said. Giraffe currently is in a beta stage of release, with an initial “release to manufacturing” version anticipated in the near future.

No in case, if you think that the technology is meant to be a competing product to other web technologies then you are simply wrong! As per Gorski, “It’s quite the opposite. The single most important goal of Giraffe is to keep its tight integration with ASP.Net Core and heavily rely on it to give developers a broad spectrum of well-tested, well-working and very intuitive features.

Likened to the clever internet server, Giraffe is available under an Apache 2.0 license and can be plugged into the ASP.Net Core pipeline via middleware. In fact, it may quite interest you to know that it was formerly called ASP.Net Core Lambda. In order to better distinguish it from Amazon’s AWS Lambda server-less compute service, the technology was renamed as Giraffe.

So that’s all for now! Keep watching the space to get a better perspective.

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