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What's NPOI

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This project is the .NET version of Apache POI project. With NPOI, you can read/write Office 2003/2007 files very easily.

About Donation 关于捐款

If you profits/benefits from NPOI and you believe it's useful, please sponsor me via Github Sponsor or donate this project. Thank you!

如果您从NPOI受益或实现盈利,请通过Github Sponsor赞助我给该项目捐款,谢谢!

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Get Started with NPOI

How NPOI succeeds

NPOI examples

Getting Started with NPOI

How to use NPOI on Linux


NPOI Changelog

Advantage of NPOI

a. It's totally free to use

b. Cover most features of Excel (cell style, data format, formula and so on)

c. Supported formats: xls, xlsx, docx.

d. Designed to be interface-oriented (take a look at NPOI.SS namespace)

e. Support not only export but also import

f. Real successful cases all over the world

g. huge amount of code examples for you to learn how to use NPOI

h. Works on both Windows and Linux

System Requirement

.NET Standard 2.1 (.NET Core 3.x, .NET 5, .NET 6)

.NET Standard 2.0 (.NET Core 2.x)

.NET Framework 4.0 and above