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Maratis Particle System

Particle system for the Maratis3D engine.

This plugin should compile against the stock Maratis SDK, but also Maratis/MIngEd. For the latter, you can use the following to install MParticle. At this stage, there is no easy way to load a plugin in the standard Maratis SDK (it can be loaded manually) Also, any lua interface may be incompatible

Linux: MPlugin install MPlugin install-sys

Windows: MPlugin install MParticle.dll MPlugin install-sys MParticleEditor.dll

OS X: MPlugin install MParticle.dylib MPlugin install-sys MParticleEditor.dylib


Update 02.10.2012 -

  • Updated MIngEd support
  • Split into editor plugin and runtime plugin

Update 14.07.2012 - Added support for MIngEd system

Update 05.04.2012 -

  • Removed ParticleLib as it was causing too many problems
  • Started implementation of custom particle system
  • ParticleEmitter - behavior which "spawns" and renders the particles
  • ParticleSystem - manages the particles after they've been emitted
  • Particle - container for per-particle data


  • Currently these only render as point sprites
  • Dead particles still render
  • No collision
  • No gravity (this is currently hard coded)
  • No...


  • Kill dead particles.
  • Support standard billboard quads.
  • Draw particles via shader.
  • Package some default particle textures. Maybe atlas them?
  • Create ParticleDef system and create sample particle systems.
  • lua API for MParticle
  • lua editor for MIngEd