Tiny Little Virtual Machine
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Philipp Geyer
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Tiny Little Virtual Machine.

The start of a simple 8 bit virtual machine, for experimentation

Currently this is an implementation of the Intel 8080 processor, but I intend to extend it to support the z80, as well as potentially the 6502.



There some samples provided to test a number of the functionalities of the system. They each expect a number of things set up for them to run successfully.

Hello World

Filename: demo/8080/Hello.bin Expects stdio port 1 and stdio status port 2, raising 0x01 when ready to output character Sample tlvm-dbg commands: file demo/8080/Hello.bin 0x0000 memory 0x0100 256 stdio 1 2 run

Fibonacci Generator

Filename: demo/8080/Fibonacci.bin Expects value watcher port 1 and value watcher status port 2, raising 0x01 when ready to output character Sample tlvm-dbg commands: file demo/8080/Fibonacci.bin 0x0000 memory 0x0100 256 watch 1 2 run


  • Make sure it builds and runs on Windows
    • Currently should just be dbg.cpp and time.c that doesn't work
  • Finish the 8080 instructions
  • Write unit tests for every instruction
  • Add cpudiag from CP/M to the smoke tests
    • cpudiag runs cleanly for all 8080 instructions, but I don't think I can add it to the smoke tests, I can't seem to find which license it was provided under. I don't think it's something I can use
  • Refactor all the unit tests to make more sense with the processor
  • Add the z80 extensions
    • Allow variable sized 8 bit register array
    • Allow variable sized 16 bit registers (ie not just SP/PC)
  • Add 6502 instuctions
    • Research what these are first!
  • Add 6303 instructions
    • Try and find documentation for this
    • Turns out that it's an extended Motorola 6801, so I'm implementing 6800, then adding 6801
  • Add 6800 instructions
    • Extend to 6801
    • Need to split instructions into separate functions. It's currently doing the instruction lookup, followed by a set of if tests for almost every single instruction, even if the instructions don't share any common code at all
  • Make tlvm threadsafe.
    • This should be safe enough to do by putting a byte in the context and checking it when something changes the state (interrupt, reset, step)

What I will not do:

  • Write an assembler for this processor
  • 16 bit CPUs
    • 32 bit CPUs
      • 64 bit CPUs
        • 128 bit CPUs
          • ...