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Placissimo is a Plac intensifier.
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Placissimo is a Plac intensifier.

It allows you to run a function from the command line or through a RESTful HTTP server. The function just needs to be annotated as per Plac.

Stay Lazy My Friends

Just add "issimo" to plac:

#!/usr/bin/python 3

def main(name):
  hello = "Hello {}".format(name)
  return hello

if __name__ == "__main__":
  import placissimo # import plac #

Use the command line as before:

> py -3 -h
> # shows help message including how to launch a server.
> py -3 Placissimo
Hello Placissimo

Or launch a server:

> py -3 --servissimo

Make requests:"http://localhost:8080/api", data={"name": "Placissimo"})"http://localhost:8080/tasks").text
""" Response: 
  "servissimo_001": {
    "caller": "",
    "start_time": "2019-02-01T18:15:49.728341",
    "end_time": "2019-02-01T18:15:49.737351",
    "running": false,
    "done": true,
    "result": "Hello Placissimo",
    "exception": null
} """

Additional command line options let you:

  • Render a default HTML file: -index-file="placissimo/lib/index.html"
  • Choose a custom port: -port=5000
  • Allow GET access: -allow-get
  • Send and receive log statements with JavaScript:
    • Client sockets can "chat" with each other: -websocket-mode=broadcast
    • Or not: -websocket-mode=private
  • Reference local files and folders: -filesystem-path="."
    • Parents and siblings of this folder aren't accessible.

To see the options do:

> py -3 --servissimo -h

If You're Still Interested

For more information, see ./docs/

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