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Heroku Buildpack: Shell

Run custom commands during the build process.


This buildpack allows to execute arbitrary commands on the build dyno during the build process.

Just create the file .heroku/ in the root directory of your application and write in this file the commands that you want to execute. This file is then ran in subshell by the compile script of this buildpack. That is, the commands in .heroku/ are executed on the build dyno as they would be part of the compile script.

Available build-specific variables are BUILD_DIR, CACHE_DIR, and ENV_DIR.

The initial working directory is the root directory of your application(BUILD_DIR).


Simply do:

# Create file '.heroku/' containing bash commands
echo 'echo "hello world"' >.heroku/

heroku buildpacks:set


Based on

Licensed under the MIT License. See file.

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