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Integrates click2sell digital products retailer system with Plone for paid memberships.
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README.rst integration for Plone

A Plone add-on that integrates Click2Sell digital products retailer system with Plone to enable paid memberships on your site.

How it works

  1. Visitor comes to (or similar) and clicks Order link.

  2. Visitor is sent to Click2Sell's order form (on, where he enters his personal information and performs payment.

  3. Click2sell calls-back a special view on your plone site (/@@click2sell), which reads POST data from Click2Sell, verifies it against your Secret Key and creates a new member.

  4. The following information is stored in member data for later use:


    Click2Sell's Product ID of the purchased item.


    Click2Sell's Product Name of the purchased item.


    Affiliate who referred the buyer.


    Click2Sell's Receipt ID of the last purchase. This field gets updated on every recurring payment.


    Exact timestamp of the last purchase. This field gets updated on every recurring payment.

  5. Upon creating a new member, Plone sends an email with login password.

  6. An IMemberCreateEvent is emitted upon creating a new member.

  7. The new member can now login and use the site.

  8. It is possible to create a product_id to group_name mapping in Plone Control Panel. This means that if a member purchased a product which is listed in this mapping, the member will also be added to a group mapped to this product.


If a member already exists in Plone, then the @@click2sell view simply updates last_purchase_id and last_purchase_timestamp member fields. The member will also be added to the new product group, but also kept in the old.


You can see this product in action at BigContentSearch.


To install niteoweb.click2sell you simply add niteoweb.click2sell to the list of eggs in your buildout, run buildout and restart Plone. Then, install niteoweb.click2sell using the Add-ons control panel.



Go to and use For Merchant -> Add Product to add a new Product.

Then click on your new Product and select API Settings. For URL to notify set and also choose a Secret Key. Check Enable/Disable remote server's notification to enable server notifications and consequently member auto-registering.


Go to Site Setup -> click2sell control panel form and configure the Secret Key field by pasting in the Secret Key you defined above.

You can also configure the product_id to group_name mapping. This comes in effect when member purchases a product which is listed in this mapping, the member will also be added to a group mapped to this product.

For example, imagine you have the following in your mapping:


Members purchasing the product with id 1 will be added to the basic-members group, whose purchasing 2 will be added to the premium-members group. For others, nothing will be done.

When switching products, an updated member will be added to new product group, but also kept in the old group. No information is removed/deleted.

Test it

You are now ready to do a test buy! Go back to My Products and click Test BUY. Before you finish the transaction, you need to set up your Plone site to receive Click2Sell server notifications.

Confirm by logging-in to Click2Sell and checking to see if there were any purchases. Also check if your receive an email with username and password for accessing your site and try to login with them.

Known issues

The following known issues exist:

  • If members stop paying for monthly or yearly subscriptions, you have to manually delete them from your Plone site.
  • The same as above goes for any chargebacks or refunds. You have to manage them manually.
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