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A Plone add-on package that acts as a base for supporting different Instant Payment Notification providers (such as PayPal, JVZoo, Click2Sell, etc.)


You probably do not want to use this package on its own, but rather use one of its sub-packages:

How it works

This package acts as a base layer for niteoweb.ipn.* packages. It provides the code that these sub-packages would have to otherwise duplicate:

  • Creating a new member.
  • Updating an existing member.
  • Disabling an existing member.
  • Firing off events that your project code can catch and perform custom tasks on.

The following information is stored as member properties for later use:

IPN provider's Product ID of the purchased item.
Affiliate who referred the buyer.
Date until the member's subscription is valid.
History of actions taken on the member. Useful for analyses later on.


  • Emails are used as usernames.
  • "Disabling" a member means to revoke her Member role and put her in the Disabled group, while removing her from all other groups.
  • "Enabling" a member means to create a new member (if she doesn't exist yet), grant her the Member role (if she doesn't have it yet) and add her to the Product Group.
  • "Product Group" is a group that contains members that have purchased the same product. Product group IDs are equal to Product IDs -- this is how they are linked together.
  • When niteoweb.ipn.core creates a new member object, the registration email is not sent. Your third-party code should take care of this (for example by subscribing to the IPrincipalCreatedEvent emitted by PAS).
  • Whenever a member is enabled, a 'valid_to' property is set on the member object to represent until which day should this member be allowed to use the site. You then need to setup a cronjob that calls @@validity view every day to disable those members whose validity period has elapsed. In the control panel you can set a secret that needs to be passed as a request parameter to the @@validity view.


You probably do not want to install niteoweb.ipn.core directly, but rather use one of niteoweb.ipn.* sub-packages.