A Plone add-on that that integrates JVZoo digital products retailer system with Plone to enable paid memberships on your site.
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A Plone add-on that integrates JVZoo digital products retailer system with Plone to enable paid memberships on your site.

How it works

  1. Visitor comes to your site and clicks an Order link.
  2. Visitor is sent to JVZoo's order form (on http://jvzoo.com), where she enters her personal information and performs payment.
  3. If payment was successful, JVZoo sends a POST request to a special view on your Plone site (/@@jvzoo).
  4. The @@jvzoo view parses this POST data from JVZoo and verifies it against the Secret Key you've set in the Plone control panel.
  5. If all checks out, @@jvzoo calls an appropriate action provided by the niteoweb.ipn.core package (on which this package depends on).

Transaction type to niteoweb.ipn.core action mapping

JVZoo supports different Transaction types, like Sale, Cancellation, Refund, etc. These are mapped to actions provided by niteoweb.ipn.core.

  • SALE -> enable_member
  • BILL -> enable_member
  • RFND -> disable_member
  • CGBK -> disable_member
  • INSF -> disable_member
  • CANCEL-REBILL -> disable_member
  • UNCANCEL-REBILL -> enable_member

Transaction types are explained in the JVZoo IPN documentation available on http://support.jvzoo.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/17/0/jvzipn.


To install niteoweb.ipn.jvzoo you simply add niteoweb.ipn.jvzoo to the list of eggs in your buildout, run buildout and restart Plone. Then, install niteoweb.ipn.jvzoo using the Add-ons control panel.



Go to JVZoo.com and use Sellers -> Add a Product to add a new Product.

Then check the option External Program Integration. For URL set http://yoursite.com/@@jvzoo. Under the My Account page set the JVZIPN Secret Key.


Go to Site Setup -> Configuration Registry control panel form and configure the Secret Key field by pasting it in the niteoweb ipn jvzoo interfaces IJVZooSettings secretkey field.

Test it

You are now ready to do a test buy! Go back to Sellers and click Test Purchases. Select a product, click Create Test Purchase Code and finish by clicking the link in Buy / Link column in the table below. In order for the purchase link to work, the product needs to be activated in Sellers Dashboard (select a product and check Allow Sales).

Before you finish the transaction, you of course need to set up your Plone site to receive JVZoo server notifications.

Confirm by logging-in to http://jvzoo.com and checking to see if there were any purchases (on Sellers tab). Also check if your received an email with username and password for accessing your site and try to login with them.

Tips & Tricks

JVZoo IPN API documentation

Available at http://support.jvzoo.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/17/0/jvzipn.

Mocked request

If you want to mock a request from JVZoo in your local development environment, run a command like this:

$ curl -d "ccustname=JohnSmith&ccuststate=&ccustcc=&ccustemail=test@email.com&cproditem=1&cprodtitle=TestProduct&cprodtype=STANDARD&ctransaction=SALE&ctransaffiliate=affiliate@email.com&ctransamount=1000&ctranspaymentmethod=&ctransvendor=&ctransreceipt=1&cupsellreceipt=&caffitid=&cvendthru=&cverify=AACDD10E&ctranstime=1350388651" http://localhost:8080/Plone/@@jvzoo

The command above assumes you have set your Secret Key in Plone to secret and you have created a group with ipn_1 id.