Amazon ElastiCache Cluster Client for Java - enhanced library to connect to ElastiCache clusters.
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Amazon ElastiCache Cluster Client

Amazon ElastiCache Cluster Client is an enhanced Java library to connect to ElastiCache clusters. This client library has been built upon Spymemcached and is released under the Amazon Software License.


Amazon ElastiCache Cluster Client can be compiled using Apache Ant by running the following command:


This will generate binary, source, and javadoc jars in the build directory of the project.

More test info will be updated shortly.


Note: The ant test target is in the process of being updated to run the additional tests written for Auto Discovery.

The latest version of Amazon ElastiCache Cluster Client has a set of command line arguments that can be used to configure the location of your testing server. The arguments are listed below.


This argument is used to specify the ipv4 address of your testing server. By default it is set to localhost.


This argument is used when memcahched is started on a port other than 11211


This argument is used for CI testing where certain unit tests might be temporarily failing.

More Information for Amazon ElastiCache Cluster Client

Github link: This repository is a fork of the spymemcached Java client for connecting to memcached (specifically the repo).

Additional changes have been made to support Amazon ElastiCache Auto Discovery. To read more about Auto Discovery, please go here:

For more information about Spymemcached see the link below:

Spymemcached Project Home contains a wiki, issue tracker, and downloads section.