DevLeague Cohort 19 Final Project
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Devvy Cho is a smart bot that you can query for resources that have been useful to past or current DevLeague students. The resources available include notes, applicable examples, and external links. Devvy has the ability to display these resources in both the Web application version and the Slack implementation.

How It Works

At her core, Devvy relies on a natural language processor (NLP) called Messages sent to Devvy are turned into actionable commands through Wit. These commands are then used to perform specific bot-related tasks.

We used Botkit to build Devvy a body and integrate her in Slack and the browser.

The original inspiration for Devvy is here.

See Her In Action

Check Devvy out here!


Local Installation

To use all of Devvy's features on your local machine, you will also need a .env file that includes tokens (see the sample.env file for an example). You will need to create a database for the Express server to connect to.

  1. Fork and clone this project
  2. Change your directory to the project folder
  3. Run
     npm install
  4. Run
     cp .env-sample .env
  5. Edit .env
  6. Run
     npm start
     npm run devvy
     npm run nigel


Usage is provided under the MIT License. See LICENSE for the full details.