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A simple (unofficial) Java client library for the Gilt API(v1). Currently this provides basic support for fetching current and upcoming sales. gilt-java has minimal dependencies and is aimed to be easy to use.


Android platform to be tested soon!

Download Latest

Download the latest jar here

Build & Use

Please check Gilt API documentation for the official API descriptions and to get your private API key (required for use). To build:

$ ant


GiltAPI gilt = new GiltAPIClient(API_KEY);

// Get active sales for all Gilt stores

// Get active sales for the Kids store

// Get upcoming sales for all Gilt stores

// Get upcoming sales for the Womens store

// Get sale details for specific sale
gilt.getSaleDetails(sale.getStoreKey(), sale.getSaleKey());

// Get product details for specific product id

// Get all available product categories

NOTE: gilt-java includes software from &


  • Ensure that all the data available via Gilt API is accessible
  • Return timestamps as java.sql.Timestamp instead of java.lang.String
  • Convert store key to enums


Submit well documented code with unit tests and I will merge your changes in as long as your code does not break the build.

Gilt API Endpoints

Currently there are 2 API endpoints available:

  • Base Url

  • Sales Endpoint

    • sales/active.json => List<Sale> getActiveSales()
    • sales/{store_key}/active.json => List<Sale> getActiveSales(String storeKey)
    • sales/upcoming.json => List<Sale> getUpcomingSales()
    • sales/{store_key}/upcoming.json => List<Sale> getUpcomingSales(String storeKey)
    • sales/{store_key}/{sale_key}/detail.json => List<Sale> getSaleDetails(String storeKey, String saleKey)
  • Products Endpoint

    • products/{product_id}/detail.json => Product getProductDetails(int productId)
    • products/categories.json => List<String> getProductCategories()


Copyright (c) 2013 Nitin Dhar. See MIT-LICENSE for details.


My aim is to make Forrst integration into Java applications as easy as possible. I have tried my best to provide in-code documentation for each method.