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Rangr Logo RANGR - Notifications for Forrst


Rangr is a Google Chrome extension that pulls a users notification data from and presents it in the browser in a soft, non-intrusive manner. Install Rangr from the Chrome Web Store.


  1. Login Controller/View: dialog box where user enters their credentials
  2. Auth Controller: contact to obtain the auth token
  3. Base Controller: background page as a controller
  4. Notification View: pop-ups that open when a notification is detected
  5. Rangr Storage DAO: CRUD for users access token


Login Controller/View

When installed, a Rangr icon will appear to the right of the browsers address bar. Clicking this icon opens up the login view with a form. The user will enter their credentials here and press submit. On submit, the credentials will be passed on to the Auth Controller

Auth Controller

The auth controller manages a users activity session. When a user logs in their credentials are collected here and a call to is made. The response to this call contains the users authentication token (if successful), which is stored to local storage via the Rangr Storage DAO. Logout functionality is also resident in this module. On logout, a users access token is deleted from storage.

Base Controller

Base Controller is Rangrs core module as it contains logic to fetch notification data from Forrst on start up as well as on a recurring schedule. Notification Views are triggered when the users account has pending notifications. Each notification will be displayed in an individual view when 2 or less notifications are present. Otherwise, notifications will be grouped up and only the # of notifications will be displayed. When such a notification box is clicked the current tab is redirected to the notifications page. On the other hand, when no notifications are present a dialog box mentioning this will be presented only on startup.

Example notification creation:

var notification = new Notification(icon url, title, body).build();;
Notification View

Notifications are presented to the user in mini-dialog boxes on the window when this extension is installed. Each notification contains an icon representing the post type from as well as the notification type, title, body, etc. When a Notification View is clicked the current tabs URL is changed to the notifications page at

Rangr Storage DAO

A simple data access object which saves the authentication token to local storage if login is successful and returns it on demand.


  • Options page with notification refresh frequency
  • Instant reply to notification
  • Tweet notification
  • Option to load latest post every XX seconds
  • Number of notifications in Rangr browser icon
  • Reply button


  • UI improvement
  • Remove white glow around "RANGR" logo text
  • OOCSS for views (maybe)
  • Media Assets:

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Copyright (c) 2012 Nitin Dhar. See MIT-LICENSE for details.