Simple Java wrapper library around the Dribbble API (βeta)
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Slamdunk is a Java library for the Dribbble API (βeta). This library will provide basic support activities on Dribbble. Slamdunk has minimal dependencies and is aimed to be easy to use.


Android platform to be tested soon!

Build & Use

Each API method in this library is heavily commented. The descriptions are taken directly from Dribbble. Please check the official Dribbble API documentation for up to date API definitions and descriptions. To begin, build Slamdunk and import it in your code.

$ ant

import com.slamdunk.api;

SlamdunkAPI slamdunk = new SlamdunkAPIClient();

// Shot stats

// Shot rebounds

// Player details by id OR username

// Players followers

// Get shot comments

Note that each library API endpoint returns a JSONObject. For more information on JSONObject visit The dependency json-java jar file is also included in the lib folder. Also, at the moment the rate limit threshold is hard. It is up to the client application to ensure that it sticks close to the 60 calls/min limit.

Details for the rest of the available API endpoints are given inline.


Submit well documented code with unit tests and I will merge your changes in as long as your code does not break the build. Here are some things that need to be done:

  • refactor and remove redundancy
  • Return full json
  • Create SlamdunkException
  • Rate limit API methods
  • all authenticated API calls
  • rename API methods to something simpler
  • fix broken SlamdunkAPIClient endpoints/tests
  • Helper method to get all endpoints as Map<String,String>
  • Decouple/refactor code
  • Add some tests using optional params
  • rename properties in buildfile
  • maybe cache stuff?
  • "tobeFixed" tests

Slamdunk API Endpoints

This library is built around the Slamdunk API version 2. At the moment there are 11 API endpoints available and each of them uses as the base URI. Also at the moment, API calls are rate limited to 60 calls per minute, so keep that in mind when designing your applications.


Our aim is to make Slamdunk integration into Java applications as easy as possible. We have tried our best to provide in-code documentation for each method. Tests coming up soon! Until then please help us find bugs.


Copyright (c) 2011 Nitin Dhar. See LICENSE for details.