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Gnome desktop application framework based on Webkit, HTML5 and Python
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Gnome desktop application framework based on Webkit, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Python

"AppKit" will be a framework for gnome desktop application powered by WebKit engine, which means we can bring web technology such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Web browser engine to desktop.

Target Platforms

Linux, Gnome


Option 1: From PyPI (Release version)

$ pip install appkit

Option 2: From Git

$ pip install git+git://

Quick Start

#!/usr/bin/env python

from appkit.api.v0_2_8 import App

app = App(__name__)

def home():
    return '<a href="/test/Hello/World/" />Link</a>'

def test(text1=None, text2=None):
    return '<h1>' + text1 + ' ' + text2 + '</h1>'

Example App

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