Web based editor to create Resume in a customizable template
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Resume generator

Web based editor to create Resume in a customizable template

Try it : https://nitish6174.github.io/resume-generator/

Note : Click the "VIEW INSTRUCTIONS" button in the editor to read usage instructions.


  • Resume content can be edited just like a normal document editor (cut,copy,undo etc).
  • Entire sections can be added, reordered, removed just by cut,copy,pasting method.
  • Section visibility can be toggled while retaining the content.
  • Options provided in the left panel to modify the template and formatting.
  • Sub-points can be added with various bullet styles and adjustable indentation.
  • Script provided to merge multiple pages and compress the PDF.

Using the merge & compress script

  • You must be able to run python file on your system for this.
  • Save the individual pages in PDF format with name 1.pdf , 2.pdf
  • Download the compress_pdf.py file and open it in a text editor.
  • Set the following variables :
    • dir_path : Directory path where you saved the PDFs for individual page
    • num_of_pages : Number of files to merge (i.e. pages in your Resume)
    • out_file : Name of output file
  • Run this python file.
  • Note: As this creates a new PDF file, you may have to see permission settings or run with sudo on terminal.

Note : Use Google Chrome