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iOS support for app.nit

System configuration

Configure your system for OS X by installing Xcode and brew. Follow the instructions in at the root of the repository.

Optionally, install ios-sim to run compiled apps in the simulator: brew install ios-sim

Compile and run a simple application

Let's use the hello_ios example in the folder lib/ios/examples/.

Compile with: nitc hello_world.nit

Run in the simulator with: ios-sim

Sample portable applications

See the calculator example at examples/calculator and the Tnitter client at contrib/tnitter/ for portable applications working on GNU/Linux, OS X, iOS and Android.

Application icon

To associate icons to your application, create the directory ios/AppIcon.appiconset and fill it with standard icons and Contents.json. These files can be generated in a number of different ways:

  • Using the tool svg_to_icons packaged with the Nit repository at contrib/inkscape_tools/bin/svg_to_icons.

  • Using Xcode to assign images to each slot, create the folder and the file Contents.json.

  • Write or modify the file Contents.json manually. It is in Json format and easily readable.

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