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Documentation for GearVR Framework

GearVR framework documentation is generated with mkdocs


To view and publish the documentation, you have to install mkdocs first

  1. Install Python
  2. Install pip
  3. Install mkdocs and mkdocs-material using following command
pip install mkdocs
pip install mkdocs-material


You can edit GearVR framework documentation with any editor and review it with any browser.

  1. Start a local server by
mkdocs serve
  1. Open in a browser
  2. Edit the file of your choice and the browser will auto update based on your edits


Use the following command to publish document

use -v to specify version of GearVRf release use -deploy to specify where to upload the release

A release version of GearVRf documentation site will be genereted in the site folder

python -v 3.3 -deploy github