Updates Spotify playlists and adds songs that are not available on Spotify in this form anymore.
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SpotifyUpdater is a program designed to detect "unavailable" songs in your playlist and replace them with the exact same song, because they're actually still available on Spotify.

Current build only supports creating a new playlist and adding the songs to that playlist, since deleting local tracks is allowed by the Spotify API but somewhat complicated. Awaiting response to issue 612...


Kurt Höblinger, BSc aka NitricWare


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Running the Application

There are several steps to accomplish before, the script can run.

  1. The user must create a Spotify Application in the Developer Dashboard.
  2. The user must find and copy the Client ID in the Dashboard
  3. While the user is there, they should define the redirct URI for the application
  4. The user must then head to index.php and paste the Client ID and the redirect URI into the the const-definitions


10.5.2018 - Development started 10.8.2018 - Dockerized project


1.0 initial release