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Change the value of textbox in a simple button click (update) #38

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i have in my web page two textbox:
#textbox{id=my_textbox1, text=" " },
#textbox{id=my_textbox2, text=" " },
#button {id=my_button, text="go", postback=click}

i want do something like:

wf:update(my_textbox2, #textbox{text=wf:q(my_textbox1)}).

but this why it dosn't work for me.....:/

thanks for your help


wf:update() function updates html-code inside provided object.

So, wf:update(my_textbox2, #textbox{text=wf:q(my_textbox1)}) tries to insert new textbox inside my_textbox2.

Try to use wf:replace() instead of wf:update().

Or use #script to update value of textbox.


wf:set(ID,Value) should do this as well.

i'll need to add this to the documentation, as it's not on there currently, and that's a problem.

@choptastic choptastic closed this
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