Plugin System Autoimport CSS and/or Javascript? #60

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choptastic commented Sep 24, 2013

Right now, the plugin system autoimports the Erlang headers from each Nitrogen plugin, and it does copy the static resources, but it would be nice if it was intelligent enough to make a javascript or CSS file similar in nature to the plugins.hrl - one that automatically imports the CSS and javascript files from each plugin without having to manually reference them in your template.

The gotcha here is load order. To specify:

  • The easy one for loading the right files in order is load them in alphabetical order, and then can be specified like (01-myfile.js, 02-otherfile.js, etc).
  • Alternatively, it could be specified in the nitrogen.plugin file as a config, which would specify the load order, and any file not mentioned would not be auto-imported. This has the benefit of not requiring renaming any files.

Food for thought!

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