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Hi Guys,

Travis-CI support for Erlang is live. You can use this .travis.yml and add Nitrogen to (for docs about this process, see An example build output can be found here:!/wardbekker/nitrogen/builds/83584

Let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you,

But why are you removing rebar in this pull request?


For Travis it's not longer a requirement, as a rebar binary is available in the path. I'm happy to modify the pull request, so it will only add a .travis.yml file.


I think that would be best, as there are bound to be people who aren't using Travis (ie, me), and when trying to compile will get errors. Or am I misinterpreting how Travis works (I'm not familiar with Travis)


Hi Jesse,

Rebar developers now advice it to leave it out of the repo, as most Erlang folks have it in their path. But for Travis it doesn't matter, as it checks if a rebar.config is present and will execute rebar get-deps compile eunit. Modified the pull request! Love to see nitrogen build on Travis ;-)


Thanks Ward! I appreciate the heads up. Merge time!

@choptastic choptastic merged commit 62f514f into nitrogen:master
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