Installing Nitrogen

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h1. Installing Nitrogen 2.x

  1. Make sure you have Erlang installed
  2. With Ubuntu and other Debian installations, make sure you have all the little extra erlang packages installed. That can be a hassle, and I recommend installing from the Erlang Source found at

  3. Clone the Nitrogen repository

git clone
  1. cd into the Nitrogen directory and make it with your desired backend webserver:
make rel_cowboy

You can do make rel_inets, make rel_cowboy, make rel_yaws, make rel_webmachine, or make rel_mochiweb

Similarly, you can create a Slim Release (a release that doesn't include the full Erlang Run Time System) by using:

make slim_inets, make slim_cowboy, make slim_yaws, or make slim_webmachine, or make slim_mochiweb

You now have a working stand-alone installation of nitrogen found in ./rel/nitrogen (or in the case of a slim release, an installation that requires Erlang installed on the machine).

For more detailed instructions, please see