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form input tag's name attribute should handle all of CDATA #13

jbothma opened this Issue · 2 comments

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A form input tag's name attribute should be able to contain any CDATA characters. At least according to

Currently quite a limited (albeit the vastly most common) set of characters are supported by but it breaks when you want to parse an array of things like Chicago Boss model IDs like the following because of the hyphen

<input type... name="items[word-3]" />
<input type... name="items[word-5]" />

Of course there are many workarounds and I'm not even providing a patch, but I thought I'd log the issue until I can provide a patch ans see if there's any interest in such a fix anyway.


A solid recommendation. If it's breaking the standard, it should definitely be fixed.

This should be an easy fix of the regex, and if you want to do it so that you're included in the repo history, go right ahead and submit a pull request.


Cool. I won't get to it for a few weeks (that project's on the backburner) so go ahead if you have time, otherwise I'll be back when I can.

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