Yaws Fixes and Cowboy support #11

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Torbjorn Tor... and others added some commits Sep 28, 2010
Torbjorn Tornkvist Fixing Response:file(File) to really return the content of the File. 3984a14
Torbjorn Tornkvist Merge remote branch 'etnt/master' 8bce59b
Torbjorn Tornkvist Adding the latest yaws_api.hrl. 1667956
@rustyio rustyio Fix Yaws recv_from_socket, fix dependencies. 02ac81b
@rustyio rustyio Add webmachine support to SimpleBridge. ae873db
@rustyio rustyio Bump version number. 2abdbba
@rustyio rustyio Apply patch by Tino Breddin (tolbrino) to rebarize repo. 59a5939
@rustyio rustyio Fix .gitignore files, update .app file. 54c13d8
@rustyio rustyio Update Makefile to use rebar in local directory. b7eb380
Torbjorn Tornkvist Removing the dependency to yaws_api.hrl. 07b082d
Torbjorn Tornkvist Merge branch 'master' of github.com:etnt/SimpleBridge aad177b
Torbjorn Tornkvist Adding some missing retrival of header info. 1d10978
@choptastic choptastic adding "other" headers to yaws, and normalizing all of them 97f03f0
@choptastic choptastic Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/etnt/SimpleBridge
@choptastic choptastic Typo in yaws_request_bridge get_headers, updated rebar 3cf0d27
@choptastic choptastic Max request size to 1GB (mochiweb) a407b2a
@choptastic choptastic Fixed Yaws response, reading docroot properly, 404 errors back to yaw…
…s, get mime type for static files
@choptastic choptastic detailed comments for things to consider in yaws_response_bridge ce3cf9e
@choptastic choptastic remove unnecessary yaws_api.hrl b5c7a1a
@choptastic choptastic Add Cowboy Support (Thanks to @tuncer and @essen) 121ace4
@choptastic choptastic Rework the yaws header to use util, and remove ++ 0b65204
@choptastic choptastic remove erroneous comment b3a3321
@choptastic choptastic Update readme 2b7aa18
@choptastic choptastic Remove unnecessary deps_dir commands and update Makefile 2afd6ce
@rambocoder rambocoder peer_ip and peer_port need to be cached and Cowboy returns a differen…
…t tuple format.
@choptastic choptastic Merge pull request #1 from rambocoder/master
peer_ip and peer_port fix for Cowboy
@choptastic choptastic merged commit 598f7e7 into nitrogen:master Apr 28, 2012
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