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SimpleBridge Demo Modules

Contained here is a very simple collection of SimpleBridge sample modules demonstrating basic usage of SimpleBridge 2.0.

Each demo consists of two variations: a standard version and a parameterized module version (files ending with _pmod)

demo.erl (and demo_pmod.erl)

The basic "Hello world" app

demo2.erl (and demo2_pmod.erl)

A two-page app (and a 404 page). The index page contains a form with a textbox to enter your name. Submitting the form redirects the user to /show which will simply retrieve the POST variable and display the user's name.

demo3.erl (and demo3_pmod.erl)

Just like demo2, demo3 starts with a simple form that asks your name. Except when you submit the form, it redirects to /chat which contains a simple websocket-enabled chatroom. This chat system uses a hyper-simple chat module which is a simple gen_server.

Changing backend servers

To change a backend server, you're going to need to do two things:

  1. Modify the Makefile to make sure the program is launching with the appropriate server (inets, cowboy, mochiweb, yaws, webmachine).
  2. Modify rebar.config to add the appropriate dependencies. The current rebar.config has options commented out for each server.

Running each demo

To run each demo, run make, then run either make run, make run2 or make run3 to run each demo.

Slides to accompany this

Slides accompanying this talk can be found at


Copyright (c) 2014, Jesse Gumm (@jessegumm)

Released under MIT License


A handful of demo modules for interfacing with SimpleBridge




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