A Nitrogen device application that manages a set of cameras.
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Camera is a Nitrogen device application that watches a device's message stream and reacts to incoming cameraCommand messages.

Running this application

  1. Install OpenCV on the device. OpenCV is used for motion detection camera commands.
  2. Clone this repo onto your target device: git clone https://github.com/nitrogenjs/camera.git
  3. Install imagesnap on your Mac if you are going to use the default config: brew install imagesnap.
  4. Run npm install
  5. node camera.js

Running camera as a daemon

  1. To run this application as a daemon, modify scripts/camera to point to your installation directory and then copy it to /etc/init.d
  2. Run sudo update-rc.d camera defaults so that it starts at boot.
  3. Rebooting or running /etc/init.d/camera start will then start the daemon.

Other Projects

Nitrogen has three other projects that you should have a look at as well.

  1. service: Core platform responsible for managing principals, security, and messaging.
  2. client: JavaScript client library for building Nitrogen devices and applications.
  3. admin: Web admin tool for working with the Nitrogen service.
  4. device: Device principals for common pieces of hardware.
  5. commands: CommandManagers and schemas for well known command types.
  6. cli: Command line interface for working with the Nitrogen service.
  7. reactor: Always-on hosted application execution platform.
  8. apps: Project maintained Nitrogen applications.