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logic_web - Automation Controller UI

This is the web browser-based UI for Nitrogen Logic's Automation Controller. It provides a user interface for changing some system settings, uploading firmware, controlling automation parameters, and discovering other Nitrogen Logic devices on the same network.

The logic_web service uses Sinatra for HTTP routing and Thin for its HTTP server. The UI is unauthenticated and should only be run on an isolated network, or with other means of authentication in front of it.


©2011-2021 Mike Bourgeous. Released under AGPLv3.

Some CSS and Javascript dependencies under static/ will have their own licenses. See each file for details.

Not recommended for use in new projects.



There are some system-level dependencies to install, such as DNSSD/Avahi for device discovery:

sudo apt install libavahi-compat-libdnssd-dev

This project uses Ruby, with gems installed by Bundler. You'll also want to install and run the logic_system backend, which is written in C.

rvm install 2.7.2
echo '2.7.2' > .ruby-version
echo 'logic_web' > .ruby-gemset
rvm use .
bundle install

Direct use

To run logic_web directly:


Then visit http://localhost:4567/ in your browser.

Building a .deb package

You can build a .deb package, but it might not work at all:


Cross-compiling a .deb package for ARM

Nitrogen Logic controllers originally used Debian Squeeze and a somewhat automated build process, but significant changes to the Linux and web ecosystem over the last 10 years (such as SystemD and TLS1.2+) have broken most of that build process. So this also probably won't work:

# From within nlutils

# From within logic_web