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An EventMachine-based Ruby gem for controlling Philips Hue lights.
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An EventMachine-based Ruby library for interfacing with the Philips Hue lighting system.

©2012-2016 Mike Bourgeous, Nitrogen Logic

This Gem was created because in 2012 many of the other fine Ruby Hue libraries lacked a clear license agreement, were only partially implemented, and/or required far too many third-party Gems for my use.

NLHue uses an asynchronous callback-based API built on EventMachine. It's not exactly easy to use, and not recommended for non-EventMachine-based applications.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'nlhue'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install nlhue


TODO: Write usage instructions here

Useful info

Working with Hue using cURL

Useful command-line stuff:

alias off='curl -X PUT -d '\''{"on":false}'\'' http://${HUE_IP}/api/${HUE_KEY}/lights/2/state ; echo'
alias on='curl -X PUT -d '\''{"on":true}'\'' http://${HUE_IP}/api/${HUE_KEY}/lights/2/state ; echo'
alias pink='curl -X PUT -d '\''{"hue":58000,"sat":254,"bri":254,"transitiontime":0}'\'' http://${HUE_IP}/api/${HUE_KEY}/lights/2/state ; echo'
alias purple='curl -X PUT -d '\''{"hue":48400,"sat":254,"bri":254,"transitiontime":0}'\'' http://${HUE_IP}/api/${HUE_KEY}/lights/2/state ; echo'
alias red='curl -X PUT -d '\''{"hue":0,"sat":254,"bri":254,"transitiontime":0}'\'' http://${HUE_IP}/api/${HUE_KEY}/lights/2/state ; echo'
alias green='curl -X PUT -d '\''{"hue":21844,"sat":254,"bri":254,"transitiontime":0}'\'' http://${HUE_IP}/api/${HUE_KEY}/lights/2/state ; echo'
alias blue='curl -X PUT -d '\''{"hue":46774,"sat":254,"bri":254,"transitiontime":0}'\'' http://${HUE_IP}/api/${HUE_KEY}/lights/2/state ; echo'
hue() { M="{\"hue\":$(($1 * 182)),\"sat\":254,\"bri\":254,\"transitiontime\":10}" ; curl -X PUT -d "$M" http://${HUE_IP}/api/${HUE_KEY}/lights/2/state; echo; }

Notes on Hue scenes

Recalling a scene with curl (always posted to group 0):

curl -X PUT http://[ip]/api/[key]/groups/0/action --data-binary '{"scene":"4170a6910-on-0"}'

It seems like scenes with "fon" in the name (or any number other than 0 after -on-) should be ignored.

If multiple scenes of the same name exist ending in -on-0 or -off-0, choose the one with the highest timestamp? It's possible that only the Hue app creates timestamps, so don't assume they will be there.

Typical scene ID from Hue app: "xxxxxxxxx-on-0" Typical scene name from app: "Scene Name (on|off|fon) [timestamp]"

Sometimes the timestamp is abbreviated to 5 digits, but it's typically the number of milliseconds since 1970-01-01.


After further investigation it looks like the "-on-2"/"-on-4" scenes are fade in times of 2 and 4 minutes, and the "fon" in the middle of a scene name means "fade on". The transitiontime parameter doesn't work when recalling a scene. The transition time is saved with the scene.



Recalling a scene on a group other than 0 seems to limit the scene's effects to the lights in that group.


NLHue is licensed under the two-clause BSD license.

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